Example Improvs

The Hypnotist's Watch

Hi Hypnotist master.

You matched with Mighty lawyer.

Mighty lawyer: nice watch you got

Hypnotist master: thanks. its pure gold

Hypnotist master: a gift from a client

Mighty lawyer: wow! it looks so expensive

Mighty lawyer: thats quite the gift

Hypnotist master: yes. the client was quite willing to part with it

Mighty lawyer: oh wow. why's that?

Hypnotist master: let me show youuuuuu

Hypnotist master: look into my eyesssss

Mighty lawyer: oooh such beautiful eyes you have

Hypnotist master: you are getting sleeepppyyyy

Hypnotist master: so sleeeeepy

Mighty lawyer: ohhhhhhh

Mighty lawyer: so tireddddd

Hypnotist master: keep looking into my eyes

Hypnotist master: now repeat after me

Hypnotist master: "i will give my gold watches to the hypnotist master"

Mighty lawyer: "i will give my gold watches to the hypnotist master..."

Mighty lawyer: but only if he gives me PIZZA!!!!

Hypnotist master: what, why pizza?

Mighty lawyer: because I LOVE pizza!!

Hypnotist master: I love pizza too!

Hypnotist master: especially extra cheese pizza

Mighty lawyer: me too!

Mighty lawyer: anyone who likes extra cheesy pizza is a friend in my book

Hypnotist master: gee thanks

Mighty lawyer: since we're friends, can i have your gold watch

Hypnotist master: sure thing.

Hypnotist master: here's the gold watch

Mighty lawyer: thanks. now look at my watch

Mighty lawyer: see it swinging back and forth

Mighty lawyer: back and forth

Hypnotist master: i'm looking

Mighty lawyer: you are getting sleepppppyyy

Mighty lawyer: keep looking at gold watch

Mighty lawyer: now repeat after me

Mighty lawyer: "I will buy 5 pies of extra cheese pizza for the MIGHTY LAWYER!!"

Hypnotist master: "I will buy 5 pies of extra cheese pizza for the MIGHTY LAWYER!!"

Mighty lawyer: gee thanks

Hypnotist master: my pleasure.

Hypnotist master: but how do i pay for the pizza?

Mighty lawyer: here take this gold watch

Mighty lawyer: barter it as payment

Mighty lawyer: thanks for getting the pizza!!!!

Mighty lawyer: and you can eat it with me

Mighty lawyer: friend

Hypnotist master: thanks friend

The Swordfighter's Secret

Hi News reporter.

You matched with Partying swordsman.

News reporter: welcome to the newsroom

Partying swordsman: Gee whiz. So many cameras

News reporter: That's right! this is channel 5

News reporter: thanks for coming to be interviewed

Partying swordsman: You're welcome

Partying swordsman: ask me whatever you'd like

News reporter: all rightw

News reporter: how do you balance partying with your swordfighting lessons

Partying swordsman: good question.

Partying swordsman: I do them both at same time

News reporter: how?

Partying swordsman: I blast music

Partying swordsman: and dance

Partying swordsman: while holding and waving my swords

News reporter: amazing! tell me more

Partying swordsman: I also sing

Partying swordsman: at the top of my lungs

Partying swordsman: and i swordfight to the rhythm

Partying swordsman: of my voice

News reporter: your voice?

Partying swordsman: yes. I sing a tune

Partying swordsman: and swordfight to the song i sing

News reporter: can you give an example

Partying swordsman: sure thing

Partying swordsman: i might sing, "lalalala its timeeee to attack"

Partying swordsman: and then I'll thrust my sword forward

News reporter: incredible

Partying swordsman: exactly. i fight with beauty

Partying swordsman: thats my secret

News reporter: Wow. That wraps up our interview

News reporter: Thanks for sharing your singing swordfighting techniques