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A New World

You got matched with Slenderman. Start chatting...

Slenderman: Come with me to the forest

Green Ogre: Sure.

Green Ogre: whats in the forest?

Slenderman: your life.

Green Ogre: Great. I always wanted a life.

Slenderman: What will you give me for it?

Green Ogre: I have a green hat.

Green Ogre: Made from the scales of a dragon queen

Slenderman: hmmmm....

Slenderman: Here's half a life.

Green Ogre: hmmm....

Green Ogre: here's half a green hat

Slenderman: Well played! : )

Green Ogre: Thanks!

Slenderman: Here's a green button

Green Ogre: *presses green button*

Green Ogre: I wonder what pressing that button did

Slenderman: All your dreams have come true!!

Green Ogre: Oh my gosh! All of my dreams HAVE come true.

Green Ogre: Look all around. There are giraffes all around us wearing ties at the top of their necks.

Green Ogre: I've always dreamed that all girraffes would wear ties at the top of their necks, NEVER at the bottom

Slenderman: You don't like ties at the bottom? : (

Green Ogre: I hate ties at the bottom.

Slenderman: *A tie suddenly appears on the bottom of your neck*

Green Ogre: Nooooooooooooooooooo.

Green Ogre: A tie at the bottom of my neck. How embarasssing. I'm so ashamed.

Green Ogre: These giraffes are giving me death stares

Green Ogre: Lol gotta go. Take care. Was fun

Slenderman: It was fun. Bye. Take care of your ties

You left the chat