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Welcome! 4Score Chat is always CLEAN and FAMILY-FRIENDLY - now & forever. Here you can roleplay as anyone you want. We'll pair you with someone for a spontaneous, improv chat adventure. You can be a 'dragon slayer', a 'magical penguin' etc. You might even be an 'empathetic listener' and provide free online therapy. The choice is yours...

We don't have any actual filters yet for non-clean words. Our site is self-selective, people who use unclean language eventually get bored and stop coming here. Anyways, thanks for keeping our chats CLEAN and FAMILY-FRIENDLY

Gandalf the wizard-bird

To start, simply enter your fantasy character and click 'Start a Chat'.

Note: Prime time is Sundays at 8 o'clock PM EST. At that time, everyone comes on to chat. Any other time and we can't guarantee someone else will be online.

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